2019/2020 Membership Survey Results

About a quarter of our membership responded to the membership survey. These were the results of each question:

  1. Preferred types of meetings included webinars, podcasts and both half and full day workshops.
  2. Some are willing to travel up to 100km for half or full day workshops but prefer less than 50 km for luncheons.
  3. Meeting venues ranged. Most preferred hotels or separate meeting spaces.
  4. On average tickets are typically purchased the same week or the week after the notification is sent.
  5. About ¾ of respondents need a week or two to obtain approval for events.
  6. Of the membership, they usually attend 1-4 events a year.
  7. The top five presentation topics of interest were:
    • Strategic Planning for ECM and RIM
    • Records and Disposition with Office 365/SharePoint
    • Data Governance
    • Managing information/data in non-records systems
    • Risk and Compliance
  8. Top three most valuable resource of membership:
    • Networking and building connections
    • Online resources and education
    • Attending events and information sessions
  9. How could the membership be improved?
    • More free resources and events
    • More webinars or opportunity to stream live events
    • More opportunities to network online – suggest arma.org community
  10. Very little interest in volunteering and some on the fence depending on the requirements.
  11. About half of the respondents do not follow the Edmonton Chapter on social media, of the other half Linked In was most popular.
  12. Our membership are also members of the ARMA Calgary chapter, and other associations like the Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM), Association of Intelligent Information Management (AIIM) and the Alberta Municipal Clerks Association (AMCA).
  13. 80% of respondents said email is still the best way to communicate with them.
  14. In relation to the new website, most had not seen it or had no comments. Others mentioned that navigation on mobile phones was difficult and that they preferred the newsletter instead.
  15. Members like the ARMA Canada website or had not feedback on it.
  16. Very split responses to considering being a board member if your membership were paid for. 53% said they would consider, 47% said they would not.
  17. Almost half the respondents have not attended an ARMA Conference in the past few years. The other half attended only the Canadian Conference.
  18. The quality of the content and the speakers are most times the deciding factors to attend events. Some of the respondents do not live in the Edmonton area so attending short events if more difficult for them. Other comments were relevancy to position and career goals, budget and location.
  19. There was one final comment about the necessity of having three separate websites for International, Canada and local chapters.