Conference Highlights from our President

ARMA InfoCon 2019

ARMA InfoCon was an incredible conference to attend and participate in.  Representing our chapter is very important both as from Edmonton, but Canada as well.  What impressed me about this conference is that it was very evident from the start that Canada had a heavy presence.  Trevor Banks and Jon Weston took the reins of hosting the conference and did so with flair and fun!  A number of Canadian members were speakers of keynotes, panel discussions and workshops such as Cheryl McKinnon, Lewis Eisen, Darra Hoffman, Graham Sibley Trevor Banks, Jon Weston, and myself.  Canadians were also recognized for their contributions to the industry.  Stuart Rennie was inducted into the Company of Fellows, and Uta Fox for the Britt Literacy Award, and ARMA NCR Ottawa for Chapter Luminary. ARMA Edmonton would like to congratulate all of these members for their continued contribution to our industry.  A number of Canadian vendor partners were there as well such as Collabware and Gravity Union. I’ve heard from some of the membership that there feels at times, a sense of disconnect with ARMA International.  This conference showed that if we participate in all of the benefits of ARMA, we can keep that connection alive.  That connection starts with how we choose to participate. 

One way to help grow our industry and create connection is to participate as a mentor, or a mentee, in the Mentorship Program.  I can tell you that as a mentee, there was a gap in Canadian mentors in my own time zone.  I committed this year to signing up to be a mentor now, and I encourage everyone to follow with this.  We are currently working with a number of post-secondary institutions as well, so this is a huge opportunity to grow.  To sign up, go here.

With a common theme of seeking out collaboration and connection opportunities, ARMA InfoCon highlighted that regardless of location, as IM professionals, we are all working towards the same goal: working together to allow business to move forward through intelligent information practices and transformation.

Updates from ARMA Canada:

The theme at ARMA Canada conference was “We Are Connected” and this theme has definitely weaved through the entire year.  Regional leaders have met recently to have strategic discussions centered around developing partnerships outside of the IM world, and focusing on recreating solid foundations to push our regions forward.  The Western Region Advisor, Ken Oldenburger has now created a meeting for all presidents to talk, collaborate and talk about challenges in each chapter.  During this meeting, we highlighted that the collective western regions is doing a lot of programming, so I encourage everyone to contact other chapters to see if their programs are a benefit to attend.  ARMA Edmonton was asked to share links to the webinars out to the other chapters to increase the programming and benefits to the entire region.  

Along this same theme of collaboration and connection, we were proud to work on a collaboration event with the Alberta Municipal Clerks Association (AMCA) that also featured members from Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA), the Northern Alberta Risk and Insurance Management Society (NARIMS), as well as the Municipal Information Systems Association (MISA).  We are tying up post-event items, however I can tell you, this event was well received. 

There are a number of ways to participate in the ARMA locally, regionally and internationally.  I encourage all members to reach out at all levels and build connections.  We are here to help all of members progress professionally and grow our industry.  We are the leaders in information.

With deepest gratitude,

Angela Watt, CIP
ARMA Edmonton Chapter