Data Governance & Records Management: A Practical Program Approach

We live in a world where data has assumed a position of immense value in the economy. Cloud, mobility, cognitive computing, data science, artificial intelligence, robotics, deep learning & Internet of Things (IoT) all may be “hot topics” in the industry lately, but actually it is data that fuels the innovation that these “hot & emerging technologies” unleash.

Organizational data can take on a variety of forms – anywhere from structured data in databases, unstructured electronic content found on network file shares and document management repositories, to physical content residing in large and costly warehouses.

One of the biggest challenges in implementing and sustaining a data governance and records management program is determining the real impact the program can make to the organization. The concept of data as an asset drives the need for dedicated Program efforts to develop the ‘framework of care’. This presentation aims at sharing thinking on developing and implementing a practical and achievable Program that couples both data governance and records management.

When: Wednesday December 11, 2019
Where: The Common (9910 109 St NW) 
Time: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm (11:45 am registration, lunch and presentation to follow)

***Please email the Program Director at with any special dietary requirements.

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Jeff Wallace

  • Data governance and data management practitioner
  • Capabilities to traverse through deep technical thinking and use of tools, along with effectively and clearly communicating to C-level audiences
  • Philosophically interested in driving enhanced data quality toward better organizational insights, awareness and management of risks, innovation and accelerating the timeliness and precision of decisions
  • Expertise in data governance/management solutions for private and public sectors in Canada and Europe

Cole Harvey

  • Multi-disciplinary information management practitioner with applied experience in successfully deploying technology-based solutions since 1988
  • Keen focus on business value, risk mitigation, people engagement and facilitating transformation by developing sustainable and practical organizational capabilities
  • Expertise in information management solutions for public and private sectors in Canada and US

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